Round 5

The next International Trout-Slap Film festival will be held on the 4th of Feb (Friday) to the 6th of Feb (Sunday).


the sheet is located here: For live screening meet at TSBlue at 1900 on Sunday the 6th.

What is it?

In one weekend you task is to make a short movie. This time a unique song has been created. You will be provided with:

  • The exact running length of the song
  • Time cues for verse/chorus changes.
  • A list of related props.

Your task is, in 48 hours, to create a film clip for this music. Catch is you will not get to hear the music till after you have submitted your film!

All final product movies are to be submitted Via internet or on DVD/USB memory stick and be in a common movie file format (mpg, Divx, AVI ect). This will allow those inclined to do some fancy digital special effects. Previously entrant’s film’s were stored on this website but it was far too slow. Now films are stored on youtube for speed and accessibility. In turn this means we have to loosely abide by youtubes content policy. Basically: No Nudity! If you don’t want your film to be put on youtube for what ever reason… you can have all the nudity you want!

The time guideline sheet will be posted here on Friday the 4th sometime in the afternoon (Australian EST).  So keep checking around then till you get it. If you are in the Greater Newcastle/Hunter Valley/ Lake Macquarie area and wish to attend the Sunday night screening send an email to and we will send you the location details.

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