Scream Screen 2010

Newcastle’s Leading zombie film festival is on again!

Scream screen is a short film festival made for all those zombie fans, Unlike a ITSFF it is not held over a weekend. There is simply a due date: 10th of October. No lists of line and props ect cause the no restriction when it has to be filmed. So start filming your epic zombie movie NOW! Screen Pack.pdf

Short Film Competition Terms and Conditions

• You must include zombies/undead people, animals, children (because children
aren’t real people) etc in your film. Keep in mind you are making a short film
for a zombie festival so having one zombie in the back ground wont be
sufficient, were talking full zombies, blood, guts and flesh eating zombies.

The film must run under 7 minutes. We will start timing from the very first
sound or picture. One second over will be disqualified.

• All footage and music/ sound must be of your own work or you must have the
rights to use the material. Copyrighted material will be disqualified. What we
mean by that is you can’t send in “Dawn of the Dead” as your own film.

• Keep in mind also that this section of the zombie festival is for all ages so try
and keep your films clean. The use of drugs, alcohol, strong language and sex
must be used only in context. No zombie porn please.

• Don’t break any laws or harm anything during you filming. i.e. public property,
animals, and surrounding plant life, Just because you are brain dead zombies
doesn’t mean you cant use common sense, so don’t kill anything for real.

• Films are to be submitted in DVD format. You can record it on anything you
like and then copy on to a standard DVD. (i.e. just make sure what ever file
type you use it will work on any DVD player)

• Use of editing, or anything computer generated is completely welcome here.

• All films are to be in before the dead line –10th of October. We won’t be
accepting entries after this date. No exceptions. No, not even for you.

• You will be notified if your film is chosen as one of the finalist and is to be aired
on the night by the 17th of October (one week prior to the event)

• Please note that the judge’s decision is final. We wont accept bribes.

• All films must be submitted to the loft youth venue Po box 489 Newcastle
2300, or 1/7 Wolfe St the loft youth venue. Or in person to Ella Reed or Grant

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