Round 4

Its coming to that time again.

the next International trout-slap Film festival will be held on the Australia day long weekend.

22nd of Jan (friday) to the 25th of jan (monday)

if you already know the deal email to enter. if you want more information check back in the next few days and it will be right here!

What is it?

In one weekend you task is to make a short movie. We provide some random lines props and locations. You provide everything else. You are given the “sheet” Friday night. you then have about 48 hours to present your film for general viewing on Sunday night. Unlike other Newcastle based Film Festivals, Trout-Slap Film festivals are fully digital. All final product movies are to be submitted on DVD or USB memory stick and be in a common movie file format (mpg, Divx, AVI ect). This will allow those inclined to do some fancy digital special effects. Previously entrant’s film’s were stored on this website but it was far too slow. Now films are stored on youtube for speed and accessibility. In turn this means we have to loosely abide by youtubes content policy. Basically: No Nudity! If you don’t want your film to be put on youtube for what ever reason… you can have all the nudity you want!
The Only restriction on story is that it cant be purely based of another team like a ‘the making of franks teams movie’ cause that is just lame face.
If you are entering from somewhere aboard its preferable that you have internet access and know you way around FTPing as to submit your film for the general viewing on Sunday night.

We are taking Entrants now, if you are interested get a team together and send an email to so on Friday the 22nd of Jan we can send you the sheet.

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