July 23
Round 3 Sheet!


Submit films on Sunday 26th at the screening!
International Trout-Slap Film Festival 3

* Filmmakers retain all rights to submissions, however submitted films will be hosted on our website and youtube channel
* Film must not break any privacy or harassment laws
* Film must be youtube friendly
* Films to be submitted in digital format (MPG/AVI/DIVX) and in one continuous file where possible
* Film is to be no longer than 10 minutes (9m59s really)
* Filmmakers should register with me any time up until the screening time. Else we wont be expecting you!

* Teams can be made of however many people, pets, animals and objects that you deem necessary (with permission)
* A 30 second trailer/teaser should be submitted with film (Prefix: TRAILER)
* Post production and computer special effects allowed, as long as its done during the festival and is your work
* Include as many items from the locations, props and lines lists as possible
* I (Scott, the organising guy) should be cast as a short (haha) extra into each film. Call me to book a time. If this is not possible, use stock footage or.. print my face out and use as a mask.. lol
* All films and trailers must be ready to hand in at 7pm on Sunday night (26th) at Lambton (Call for info if you do not know where). Screening will take place roughly 7:30. Or uploaded to our server, ask here or the forum for info on how.

Locations (to be filmed from inside of)
* A bus
* A tent
* A restaurant
* A garage sale
* A skyscraper/something high with a view

* Wheelchair
* Monocle
* Icecream (softserve pref) served in a bag..
* Golden Shovel
* Fax Machine

Lines / Sounds
* Line: “What is that, some kind of cult?”
* Line: “Its like a live reality tv show!”
* Line: “Andy, come back from Canadia!”
* Sound: The Wilhelm Scream (wiki it)
* Sound: An originally-composed theme song/music (can be as short as you want, as long as you made the ‘music’)

Extra Info
Cant find the screening location?
Need more help?
Got a question about the rules?
Wanna book me in for a film role?
Call me 0422 146 227 (Scott)
Judging will be by people attending the screening

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