International Trout-Slap Film Festival

Each team must have no less than two members and no more than five members. The resulting film must be no longer than 15 minutes long. (good luck making anything that long anyway)
All films must also be submitted with a 30 second trailer.
Use as much post production and special effects as you see fit so long as its all mainly your own work. (I dont want to see shitty youtube videos)
All entries must be submitted in a digital format, none of this VHS or ‘here watch it off my camera’ crap
No male nudity, I will be flexible if its NEEDED. (really… im gay and people will get more points for effort)
Only restriction on the story is that it cant be purely based off another team, like a ‘the making of franks teams movie’ cause that lame face

Things to include:
Each of these lists (locations, props and lines) have 10 items in them. At least 4 items from each list must be used in your film. More points for the more you include.

* Beach
* Shopping centre
* In car/other transport
* park/sports field
* power substation
* kitchen
* bedroom
* playground/play equipment
* public toilet…inside
* sex shop…inside

With all these props, the bigger they are the more points they will earn. Also the more of a role they play the better points again. A small glimpse of something in the background is not worth much:
* Ball
* Hat
* Clock/Watch
* Weapon (original purpose, kitchen knife or baseball bat will not cut it)
* Banana with silly red end
* unicycle
* shopping trolley
* stuffed llama
* a gingerbread man
* a prop, as in propeller

More points awarded for how naturally they flow. Just thrown in randomly will not be as good.
* No Kitty!
* Would you like fries with that?
* All your base… are belong to us
* Pound it
* Im glad we had this conversation
* Done and done
* Fucken’ megolomaniac fucker
* The apple is still good enough to eat
* that will never get old
* Nigger stole my bike

As an added bonus, if you cast me (kroony) into a small role in your film you will get some more points. Just so i have something to do while everyone makes a film :P

All films and trailers must be ready to hand in at 6pm at TS_HQ to be viewed at 7pm. Judging may be harsh for late submissions.

Cant find the house?
Need more help?
Got a question about the rules?
Wanna book me in for a film role?
Lonely and need a hug?
Call me 0432169046, ill be waiting (4.95 pm, some carriers may charge extra)

Then fill out the following on a slip of paper and hand in with cd with video.

Team Name:
Film Title:
File Name:
Play Length:
Comments to judges (final points grab):
Suggestions for next time:

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