Round 6 – Entrants

Here are 5 of the 6 entrants into the 6th Trout-Slap Film Festival


In no particular order

Keeping Shit Real – By Keeping Shit Real Tourism Media

Eternal Dusk – By Phillip Yeatman and Oliver Pink

The Tale of bonzai – The Little Car That Couldn’t – By Joel & Zoe Hennessey


Space for Rent – by Illustrious Productions

Wasted – by Dudes in Suits

Flesh – by Stuart Csanki

The following are advertisments from our sponsors shown at the sceening between entrants films.

Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy a Crane – from Trout-Slap Selling Shit

Trout-Slap Beard Formula – from Trout-Slap Beard Formula

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