Round 6 – Sheet


International Trout-Slap Film Festival 6

Rules and Submission

Guidelines (not as important as rules, but help you win)

  • Teams can be made of however many people, pets, animals and objects that you deem necessary (with permission of respective Parents/Owners)
  • Post production and computer special effects allowed, as long as its done during the festival and is your teams work.
  • Include as many items from the props and lines lists as possible. The less forced they seem the more points they will award your film. Regulars note i have removed locations as they are far harder to fit in a half formed idea filmed in a weekend specially as rainy as this one is meant to be. So I just added more lines and props!!


  • Hey what smells?
  • My poodle is stuck in the heater vent
  • Seeing you naked changed my life
  • My shorts are on fire
  • I had no idea you were inflatable
  • Why are you dressed like a French maid
  • Shut up and touch the monkey
  • Let me just adjust the tension
  • Alas, I am but a woman
  • On the cold mountain of summer the waves vanish

Props (not to be confused with set dressing/set decoration)

  • Travel ticket (bus ticket/boarding pass/nazi identification papers etc)
  • Corded Land Line Telephone
  • Customized magazine (Photoshop a cover, print it, stick it to a magazine)
  • Door (not hung\Off its hinges)
  • Microscope
  • Blue Shoes
  • Rubber Snake
  • Space Suit
  • Quick set Concrete
  • Gas Mask

So there are a lot of lines and a lot of props here. you are not required to include them all. You don’t have to have any but each line and prop will award your film more points depending on how well they are in to film. Its also a fun way to prove that you make your film (at least those bits) over the weekend and its not some master piece you have spend years working on.

Extra Info
Cant find the screening location?
Need more help?
Got a question about the rules?
Call me 0432 169 046 (Bill) Or email

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