244 kittens and 2 Asian Hookers
Centered around a black and white cat with a mix of pop culture songs brings a very Avant-garde entry from a solo group called ‘Franks Group’.

S Rats Eht
A black and white film noir telling us the story of a man who dropped his gloves and the person returning those gloves. Brought to you by The Fluoride Awareness Council.

We Three
The story of 3 schizophrenic split heros on a journey of peril heartache and laughter. Brought to you by Joel, G.I. Joel, Joelly and Zoe.


Trout-Slap News Network
Join the Trout-Slap news network at 1900 for the daily news update. Followed by tonight today where we look into Greg Normans life after professional golf. Then later the comedy styles of south park are back with a new Canadian episode. Lastly our feature presentation, The Terminator. Brought to you by TSNN.

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