Round 6

The next International trout-slap Film festival will be held on the first weekend of March 2012. From the 2nd until the 4th.

If you already know the deal email or comment below to enter (so we can send you the specifics come the film festival).

What is it?

In one weekend your task is to make a short movie. We provide some random lines, props and locations. You provide everything else. You are given the “sheet” Friday night, from then you then have about 48 hours to present your film for general viewing on Sunday night. Its fairly straight forward right? There is no theme or genre restrictions, but the more things from the sheet you include the more bonus points you will gain.

On Friday The 2nd of March at 1700 we will email/put up ‘the sheet’. You will have from then to plan, shoot, edit and what ever else you need, until we meet up on Sunday the 4th of March at 1900 to view the movies.

“This is all well and good but I don’t understand this whole ‘sheet’ business”, Well check out Round 3’s sheet, its a good example: Here

“There are most likely rules, right? The man always keeping me down”

Yes, theres one big one: During the course of making this film do not break any laws, these include privacy and harassment in regard to film. Here are some handy readables: –

With your permission, films are stored on youtube for the general viewing from this site. In turn this means we have to loosely abide by youtubes content policy. Basically: No Nudity! They also have some handy hints for the people new to film making:

If you don’t want your film to be put on youtube for what ever reason… you can have all the nudity you want!

If you are entering from somewhere abroad its preferable that you have internet access and can upload to youtube as to submit your film for the general viewing on Sunday night.

  Where is it?

The viewing is held in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. If you are reading this its likely that you know someone already involved in ITSFF. The majority of entrants are from this area and are all encouraged to come view everyone’s movies on the Sunday night. Its always funny to see how other teams managed to use that crazy item or location and have a good time meeting people with similar interests. However we have had the odd entrant from far far away, if that’s you let us know so we can make sure everyone still gets to see your film.

Extra Stuff

If you are filming in the Newcastle area I would love to interrupt your creative process. I will be making some fake ads to run in between movies and need random actors. I will come and grab a 3 to 5 second shot of you and put it in an ad.  Best thing is you wont know the context until the night.

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  1. Kroony says:

    Sheet Released this Friday at 4pm!

  2. Tim says:

    herro. Team forming, send detairs prease.

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