These are the times that YOU, the movie maker has to abide by.
in my audio file, I have added four seconds at the start that go “beep beep beep”, purely to align up the timing on Sunday night.

start 60bpm 4/4
(that’s exactly four seconds a bar, one second a beat. wow!)
(times are based on the start of the song, NOT including the leadin)

0:16 half-time
0:32 resolve
0:36 normal time
0:52 half-time
1:08 resolve
1:12 normal time, major change
1:16 major twang
1:17.375 minor twang
1:24 major twang
1:25.375 minor twang
1:36.5 pre-twang
1:36.875 twang
1:38.5 mid-twang
1:38.875 post-twang
1:39.875 twang to alpha centauri
1:41.375 ubertwang
1:41.875 twang resolve
2:16 resolve
2:20 major change
2:36 sensitive bit
2:44 sensitive bit
2:52 normal time
3:08 sensitive bit
3:16 sensitive bit
3:24 sensitive bit, half-time
3:40 END

props/scenes/something to include that will relate to the music:

  • gross, grizzly ritual
  • Bakelite telephone
  • lamb trade from the east
  • button
  • carpet
  • disco
  • man crashing through wall of cardboard boxes

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