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ITSFF Round 7 Sheet

International Trout-Slap Film Festival 7

Rules and Submission

  • Filmmakers retain all rights to submissions. With your blessing we would like to display your films on the ITSFF website for those that cant make it to the screening to enjoy.
  • If you are attending the screening, films must be ready to hand in at 6pm (AEDT) on Sunday night (3rd March) at 30 Warabrook Boulevard, Warabrook NSW 2304 Australia. Screening will take place roughly 6:30.
  • Online submissions can be uploaded to youtube/other online place with a link emailed to BUT, if i don’t receive that link before 6pm I most likely wont see it and thus it will not be in the running to win.

Guidelines (not as important as rules, but help you win)

  • Teams can be made of however many people, pets, animals and objects that you deem necessary (with permission of respective Parents/Owners)
  • Post production and computer special effects allowed, as long as its done during the festival and is your teams work.
  • Include as many items from the locations, props and lines lists as possible. The less forced they seem the more points they will award your film.

The Sheet:


  • Nursery[plant or child]
  • Boot/Trunk of a car[Door closed]
  • Under a table
  • Another plane of existence[at least appear that way]
  • Bush/Forrest[deep enough to not see edges]
  • Train station
  • On a round-a-bout
  • Underground[not simply inside]
  • Weirdest street name you can find[more weird = more points]


  • Hahaha, yeah…
  • Is it raining?
  • Let’s end this quickly! I need to use the little boys/girls room
  • The last breath is sweetest
  • Is this a house?
  • The answers lie beneath the dirt
  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s a cloud!
  • Do you feel… A chill?
  • Have you got your cranky pants on…


  • Keyboard
  • Wheelychair/office chair[used as transport beyond simply rolling inside]
  • Car Tyre[not attached to car]
  • paper clip
  • Single KFC chip[no others in view for at least 3 seconds, proof is from KFC required]
  • Turnip[worn as a hat]
  • Hot-air Balloon[and kind]
  • old Nokia phone[B&W style]

So there are a lot of lines and a lot of props here. you are not required to include them all. You don’t have to have any but each line and prop will award your film more points depending on how well they are in to film. Its also a fun way to prove that you make your film (at least those bits) over the weekend and its not some master piece you have spend years working on.

ITSFF 7 2013

The planing for the next International Trout-Slap film festival has begun, It will be held on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of March 2013. This year Joel will be making the sheet for us all, he has not done it before but is familiar with the format so it will be very exciting.  Stay tuned for more news!